Tarabgin: The first producer of Acoustic and Thermal insulation from Mineral wool in the Middle East

Tarabgin productions are evaluated based on Iran non-burning standard criteria 7271-2 and they are included in group A based on standard No. 8299 (construction material reaction against fire).
Steam absorption of Tarabgin products is minimum based on standard ASTM C 1104 and this prevents from products oxidation and corruption resulting from steam penetration. Tarabgin insulation has appropriate PH (8-10) without acid or base characteristics.
Tarabgin productions have low heat transfer conductivity and this feature causes minimum heat exchange. For example, heat transfer conductivity in panel insulations which are mainly used in the building is 0.034W/MC that has suitable economic saving in energy consumption and reduction.
Tarabgin productions have high sound absorption coefficient in a way that in frequencies over 500 HZ, its sound absorption is about 80%. In low frequencies, sound absorption coefficient will directly increase based on insulation thickness increase.

Remarkable characteristics and features of Tarabgin insulations


1.The produced Rock Wool by this company is based on standard (ASTM 0406) and having suitable PH (8-10) and chlorine ion lower than 3 ppm, it has no corrosion effect on the metals

2.Shot or impurity in Tarabgin Rock Wool fibers is at minimum acceptable level which causes fiber resistance increase and product efficiency and durability and prevents from fiber break and crush in high temperature and vibration.

3.One of the most important features of Tarabgin insulations is its exclusive resistance against fire; it never makes a fire and never ignites and as a result, it is known as kind of protection against fire.

4.The produced wool fibers by this company are intrinsically sterile and have biological characteristic; therefore, this kind of insulation is not a suitable environment for pest, fungi, bacteria and vermin growth and as a mineral material, it is protected against these cases.

5.This group of insulations having special health and safety features based on WHO standards do not hurt the skin, do not cause irritation and do not spread smoke and poisonous compounds in the case of fire.

6.One of the most important features of this kind of insulation is heat conductivity that prevents from any convection, conduction and radiation from heat source towards source of cold and therefore, the base of its use is to save energy.

7.The effective resistance of the productions of this company is up to 950 degrees centigrade that has caused its use in a verity of industries.

8.One of the increasing uses of Rock Wool is in agriculture. According to development of plant breeding methods in environments without soil including Hydroponics, nowadays inorganic materials are used to breed vegetables all over the world.

9.The acoustic feature and high sound absorption by mineral fibers help noise reduction in two ways; noise reduction among structural components or sound absorption at the surface.

10.Easy installation of the productions of this company is among the other features of these products. 


Tarabgin Co. was established along with Iran industrial development through exploitation of Iran’s potential capacities in 1977 by known Austrian company, VOEST ALPINE with public investment in an area about 100000 m2 in Isfahan Steel Company industrial zone under the supervision of Iran National Steel Co.

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